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Keep it running for the next hundred years.

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Davino Antique Clocks was formed out of my love and admiration of  the time keepers of the past. Many years ago, as a budding afficiando of antique clocks, I found that keeping a clock in  good working order was easier said than done. There weren't many repairmen around, and the few services that were available proved to be quite costly. Intrigued by the inner workings of these clocks, I proceeded to dismantle an early 19th century wood works movement. I soon discovered that properlyreassembling a clock movement was no easy job! I then took on the task of learning all I could about the repair and maintenance of antique clocks, from disassembly and cleaning to completely overhauling a movement. Through many hours of book and video study, attending workshops, and practical application, I have become competent in the care of these fascinating timepieces. I have been successfully servicing clocks now for over 12 years. Davino Antique Clocks is in business to service the clocks of the casual owner to those of serious collectors.
Davino Antique Clocks maintains the collection at the Newington Historical Society.